About us

Beer is in our DNA – beer IS our DNA! For over three decades we’ve been introducing little beer gems onto the Dutch market. We’ve helped spark the European beer revolution. And we’re not done yet.

At the start of the millennium the beer landscape was clear and simple. There were pilsners brewed by four large breweries and once a year, there was bock beer. Besides these one could find Belgian Witbeer, abbey beers or a ‘Bolleke’ De Koninck. Many of these witbeers, abbey beers and most certainly that ‘bolleke’ were introduced in the Dutch pubs by us – did you know thay? Fifteen years ago we introduced German Hefeweizen to the Netherlands: Weihenstephan (the world’s oldest brewery) is a leading brand these days.

All of our brands have something special: whether they’re the world’s oldest, the inspiration for the American Craft Beer revolution (Anchor Brewing Company), the Mother of all Saison (Dupont), very waijward (Brouwerij ‘t IJ), the naughtiest (BrewDog), et cetera. Our world-wide expertise, acquired through the years, helps us discover these kinds of beers and brands. And that is how we’re staying that one step ahead of the market. For example: who, ten years ago, knew about West Coast IPA? Today, neither a brewery or a dignified bar can do without an ‘Iepaa’.

Our own unique story started with Christiaan, Ewald and a battered lorry – La Chouffe’s gnome still has nightmares as a result. Theirs was the start of a passionate journey through Beer Land, gaining knowledge and experience which these days is naturally being transfered onto our team. This has made us purveyor of leading beer bars and bottle shops throughout the Netherlands, and beyond. Join us on our journey!