Het favoriete biermoment van: Jacob Linden | BrewDog

My perfect beer moment is not related to a certain setting. It is about awesome  craft beer brewed with passion. It comes after I have poured my beer, I raise the glass and smell it. I find the different aromas, deconstruct it and put it back together; I really enjoy the complexity. This moment awakes many feelings: curiosity, amazement, memories and pleasure. Smelling BrewDog’s Elvis Juice was just like that. Grapefruit, blood orange, pine and so much more. They blend together; can I tell where the fruit aroma ends and the citrusy hops begin? An American IPA that pushes my citrus limit to the brink and back!

Jacob Linden | Voyager – Europe , International Sales BrewDog

Favoriete Biermoment - Jacob and Elvis 2